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Dubai Airshow

December 2003

Products on Display

9000 Series Dead Weight Testers State-of-Art & Rugged Hydraulic Dead Weight Testers from 1 to 1100 Bar,15 to 16000 psi (7 ranges), Single/Dual Piston, Motorised Options, Twin Test Stations

6000 Series Dead Weight Testers Light Weight,Low Pressure Gas Dead Weight Testers,10 to 2000 mbar 0.15 to 30 psi pressure & vacuum (5 ranges)

PC6-IS Intrinsically Safe & Highly Accurate Portable Pressure Calibrator that combines the latest developments in pressure instrumentation with advanced sensor & component technology to offer versatile calibration solutions. Any range of vacuum to 1000 Bar,15000 psi etc., Accuracy from +/-0.05% (0.025% option)

Pressure Pumps Extremely Popular Series of Hand Held Pumps with unique functionality to meet specific requirements:

  • LTP1 Low Pressure Test Pump (-850 mbar to 2000 mbar)
  • TP1 Pneumatic Pressure Test Pump (-1 to 25 Bar)
  • HTP1-700 Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump (0 to 700 Bar)
  • HTP1-1000 Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump (0 to 1000 Bar)

PC6-CCK Pressure Calibration Kit A complete Pressure Calibration Solution that Incorporates a choice of LTP1,TP1 & HTP1 Pumps (PC6 Head with any Pump, EPM with any Pump), Any range of vacuum to 1000 Bar,15000 psi, Pressure Relief Valve, PRV12,0.05% Calibration System, 0.025% Option Available

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