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December 2003

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Process Tools

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Digital Multimeters and Electrical Products

Fluke Precision Measurement Products

Process Tools

FLUKE 705 Loop Calibrator with simultaneous mA and % readouts,slow ramp,fast ramp and steps to provide smooth outputs for valve slewing and loop functional tests.

FLUKE 787 Process Meter that combines a DMM and a Loop Calibrator in one rugged handheld tool.

FLUKE 715 Volt/mA Calibrator that measures loop current signals,voltage output process signals from PLCs,transmitters,sources or simulates 24mA loop currents.

FLUKE 724 Temperature Calibrator that uses the measure and source functions to test and calibrate any temperature instrument.

FLUKE 725 Multi-function Process Calibrator that uses the measure and source functions to calibrate any process parameter.

FLUKE 744 Documenting Process Calibrator for Calibration and trouble shooting of process control instrumentation,plus the ability to maintain and trouble shoot HART instrumentation.

FLUKE 714 Thermocouple calibrator that measures temperature from TC output,simulates and calibrates linear TC with mV source function.

FLUKE 50S Single Input Thermometer that works either with K-type or J-type thermocouples and offers 0.1 deg.C resolution over the entire measurement range.

FLUKE 54-2 Thermometer with data logging upto 500 points of data and with user adjustable recording interval.

FLUKE 65 Infrared Thermometer provides quick non-contact temperature measurement in a compact case,surrounded with a protective holster.

Scopemeter and Power Quality Tools

FLUKE 43B Power Quality Analyser combines the most useful capabilities of a power quality analyser,scope and multimeter in a single easy-to-use instrument.

VR101S Voltage Event Recorder System for catching sags,swells,transients,outages and frequency variations on line voltage at receptacles,where the most sensitive loads are connected.

FLUKE 123 20 MhZ Scopemeter for industrial troubleshooting and installation applications.

FLUKE 199 200 Mhz Scopemeter with 2.5 GS/s real-time sampling and a deep memory of 27 500 points per input.

Digital Multimeters and Electrical Products

FLUKE 112 Compact Digital Multimeter with True-Rms AC measurements,a 6000 count display and a min-max average recording.

FLUKE 179 General Purpose Digital Multimeter with True-Rms AC measurements,a 6000 count display and a min-max average recording as well as frequency and capacitance ranges.

FLUKE 185 True-Rms Digital Multimeter with a wealth of new features,ranges and accuracy.

FLUKE 189 Logging Multimeter with PC Interface for closed case calibration and data exchange wih computer using FLUKE VIEW software.

T3 Voltage & Continuity Tester that shows you whether you are looking at ac volts,dc volts or open circuit.

T5-1000 Electrical Tester that lets you check voltage,continuity and current with one compact tool.

FLUKE -1520 MegOhmmeter which is a handy insulation resistance tester that also measures voltage and checks connections with its Lo-Ohms function.

FLUKE 337 True-rms clampmeter, measures ac/dc current and voltage,ohm,motor start-up current,frequency,MIN/MAX capability and a large backlit display.

FLUKE 1-AC VoltAlert is the new pocket sized ac line voltage detector from Fluke.

80T-IR Non-contact temperature Probe used for applications where object being measured cannot be touched.

80TK Thermocouple Module that converts a DMM to a thermometer.

Fluke Precision Measurement Products

5520 Multi-Product Calibrator is a calibration solution that matches your workload and budget.

5700 High Precision Multifunction Calibrator, Taking accuracy to a new level, these calibrators are cal lab standards throughout the world.

8508A Reference Multimeter is a 8.5-digit resolution precision instrument for metrologists & calibration laboratories

6100 Electrical Power Standard (single/3 phase) capable of checking/calibrating power meters, power factor meters, power quality analyzers, power recorders, and power meters.

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