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Dubai Airshow

December 2003

Products on Display

MEGGER BM223 1 kV Digital Insulation & Continuity Tester

MEGGER BMM503 NEW 1 kV Digital Insulation & Continuity Tester

MEGGER BM80/2 Multi-voltage Digital Insulation&Continuity Tester

MEGGER MJ-15 Analog 5 kV Insulation Tester

MEGGER BM11D Analogue/Digital 5 kV Insulation tester

MEGGER S1-5010 Diagnostic Insulation Tester

MEGGER LT-7 Digital Loop Tester

MEGGER DCM204R 2000A True-rms Digital ClampMeter

MEGGER DET5/4R Rechargeable Digital Earth Tester

MEGGER OTS100AF/2 100kV Automatic Oil Test Set

MEGGER DLRO10X Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

MEGGER TDR2000 General Purpose Time Domain Reflectometer

MEGGER BTDR1500 Combined Automatic Resistance Bridge&TDR Fault Locator

BIDDLE DELTA-2000 10kV Automatic Insulation Power Factor Test Set

FOSTER SCITS100 Secondary Current Injection Test Set

MULTI-AMP PMM-1 Power MultiMeter (Multi-function measuring instrument)

PA-9 Power Analyser

SA-10 Circuit Breaker Analyser

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