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Basic Handheld Test and Measurement Instruments


Digital Multimeters: With a comprehensive range of meters covering basic functions like resistance, frequency capacitance as well as AC/DC voltages and currents, most meters have a CAT IV rating. With a PC interface and cable you can even download or log readings on a PC.  Even the most basic meter has a 3 year warranty, others are warranted for a lifetime.

Information on the Fluke 110 Series
Information on the Fluke 170 Series
Information on the Fluke 170 Series
Information on Megger Multimeters

Clampmeters: Covering the most comprehensive current measurements from a few mA’s to 2000 amps and coupled with basic voltage and ohms measurement, all clamp-on meters  are covered with standard manufacturers warranty.  

Information on Fluke Clampmeters
Information on Megger Clampmeters

Thermometers: Models available work with J or K type thermocouples & offer basic as well as fast response and the best accuracy in a handheld package. Additionally the 53 and the 54 series II offer data-logging as well as IR communication to export data to a PC. Also available are super thermometers from Hart Scientific for exceptional accuracy and stability applications.

Information on Fluke Thermometers


Infrared Thermometers: Point, press and read temperature. That’s all one needs to do to measure temperature by targeting objects with a bright laser beam.

Information on Fluke Thermometers





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