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Precision Measurement Equipment for Laboratories (PMEL)


Programmable Power Supplies: Applications ranging from automated testing, lab testing or general maintenance can be covered by these power supplies. The GPIB/IEEE-488 interface, output power module and output metering facilities are built in, taking up only two engineering units of rack height

Information on the Fluke PM2800 Family

Signal generators: Ideal for both bench top and ATE applications, the  family of signal/ waveform generators provides an unmatched combination of powerful operating features and great value. Each model generates sine, triangle, square, positive pulse, and negative waveforms ranging from 5 Mhz to 50 Mhz frequencies and pulse generators to 125 Mhz.

Information on Fluke Signal Sources

RCL Meters: The basic capabilities of these instruments, with their wide range of test frequencies and voltage levels, make them the best RCL meters in the business. The available options, from RS-232 or IEEE-488 interfaces (choice of interface as standard in PM 6306), DC test measurement component handler interface and Microsoft Windows ®test software, add up to a powerful component measurement and testing facility - from development lab right through to production line.

Information on Fluke RCL Meters

Data Acquisition: With a product offering for ever data acquisition application, we have products ranging from 21 channels to as high as 2000 channels. With on board memory and a universal signal conditioner input almost any process parameter can be data logged and then analysed on the PC with easy to use software.

Information on Fluke Data Acquisition Products


Bench Multimeters

Frequency Counters


TV Signal Generators



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