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BAUR Prüf und Messtechnik GmbH - The High Voltage Company

Baur are world-renowned experts and market leaders in the field of high voltage testing and measurement. Baur products and services guarantee the quality of electric insulation material and equipment.

Some areas of Baur’s High Voltage Testing are ;

Cable fault location - Detection of defects and monitoring on energy cables and wires through pre location & pin pointing the fault. Although modern day cables are highly developed there are sometimes malfunctions in the cable system. Baur develops, produces and sells equipment and systems to detect and locate cable defects quickly and accurately.

High Voltage testing equipment - High voltage test and diagnostics of electrical equipment and components mostly done on - site. The insulation performance of underground cables or high voltage switchgear and transformers is evaluated by high voltage tests as per recognized standards.

Dielectric strength testing - Electrical insulation tests and monitoring of electrical insulants. High voltage cables, transformers and instrument transformers are mostly oil impregnated. These valuable components are endangered by ageing and/or contamination of the insulation oil. Defects can lead to costly outages. Baur’s insulation test equipment prove the quality of the insulation oils according to national and international standards.

Test equipment for power engineering - Services and problem solutions for maintenance and monitoring of electrical equipment.

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