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Hart Primary Temperature Standards Comprising of the precision SPRT’s, Fixed point cells, Bridges, and resistors, one can get the most comprehensive and best temperature uncertainities.

Hart Thermometer Readouts With readout devices from the basic handheld thermometers to ‘Tweeners’ having 0.006 deg. Accuracy, ‘Black Stacks’ capable of taking multiple inputs to the ‘Super Thermometers’ with accuracies of 1ppm.

Hart Thermometer Probes With a wide range of secondary reference PRT’s, thermistors having excellent durability and stability , each probe undergoes individual calibration and comes with a report of calibration as standard.

Hart Temperature Baths From the basic ‘compact’ baths with temperature ranges from–20 to as high as 300 deg C to the ultra cold temperature source.

Hart Industrial Calibrators With the smallest hand held dry-well to the Industrial Dual Block Calibrator, the InfraRed calibrator to calibrate IR devices Hart has the perfect calibration solution for any process calibration shop needing portability as well as wide temperature range.

Hart Dry Wells & Furnaces Featuring, in terms of performance, size, weight and convenience these dry wells from –25 to 650 deg C are the ideal solution for the high volume temperature sensor calibrations.

Hart Software With the Calibrate-it and other Hart software one can communicate with thermometer readouts and control multiple heat sources making automated calibration a reality. With interfaces to the Fluke Met/Cal-7 metrology software one can export temperature data to meet ISO 9000 Quality requirements.

Hart’s Other Neat Stuff Hart also offers solutions for Temperature/Humidity monitors, standard resistances. Hart also provides detailed Temperature Calibration training from their facility in Utah USA and soon at Norwich UK as well.

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