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Noise Dosimeters : Quest noise dosimeters give you the power to proactively minimize your liability and risk of occupational hearing loss by measuring an employee's noise exposures.

Sound Level Meters : Basic Sound Level Meter line offers high quality and simple to use instruments that perform the most common noise measurements.

Gas Detection Monitors : Quest personal gas monitors respond to today's most demanding work environments requiring monitors to be extremely rugged, lightweight and simple to operate.

Vibration Monitors : Introducing the All New HAVPro personal human vibration monitor providing tri-axial vibration measurements for calculating hand-arm and whole body vibration exposures.

Indoor Air Quality Monitors : The AQ5000Pro and AQ5001Pro Indoor Air Quality Monitors have been designed to provide unmatched versatility, convenience and value to professionals involved in the investigation or migitation of indoor air quality.

Audiometric Equipment : Microprocessor controlled analyzer that accurately and conveniently verifies the calibration and performance of audiometers & Bio-Acoustic Simulators used to perform the daily biological check for manual, automatic and microprocessor based audiometers.

Heat Stress & Thermal Environment Monitors : Uses Dry Bulb sensor to measure ambient temperature and a wet bulb sensor takes into account evaporative cooling, giving an indication of the effects of humidity on an individual. A Globe sensor is used to provide an indication of the radiant heat exposure on an individual due to direct light or hot objects in an environment.

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