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Handheld Electrical Test Instruments

Insulation testers: Regular maintenance in the electrical industry requires testing for insulation resistance tests from Megaohms to teraohms at 500V to as high as 10KV.With features like variable test currents, automatic discharge of capacitance, breakdown or burn modes, polarization index and PC interfaces these Insulation testers are best for maintenance of motors, transformers, generators, cables and switchgear.

Ground-Earth Testers: Soil resistivity measurements are used to establish the best electrode design, a correct earth system and site for geological or construction investigations. These reliable instruments operating on 2 terminal or 4 terminal modes offer variable test frequency and currents.Earth testing spikes with test leads can also be made available.

RCD Testers: RCD tests are a must to check the effectiveness of the RCD’s in any wiring installation. With features like a ‘no trip’ test, ‘trip’ test, timing tests, the tester meets test requirements of IEC 364, HD 384 and BS7671.3 phase RCD’s may also be tested if they have a neutral and earth connection.

Loop Testers: It imperative to test fixed wiring installations in industrial, commercial and domestic premises. These digital loop testers test phase-earth and phase-neutral supply loops with direct readouts of the prospective short circuit current and prospective earth fault current. RCD’s with ratings of 30mA or greater do not trip during measurements.

Oil Test Sets: Insulation oil in transformers are an efficient coolant as well as have a high flash point and high electric strength. However over a period of time the insulating properties of this oil need to be verified as degradation sets in due to oxidation, acids, water absorption resulting in change in its electrical properties. Automatic and semi automatic oil test sets test samples of the insulating oil at variable test voltages as high as 100KV.

Low Resistance Ohmmeters: Low resistance measurements for earth bonding, welded joints in switchgear and contact breakers, busbar and cable joints, small transformer and motor winding resistance etc. can be effectively done by these instruments. With auto current reversal and a rugged package these battery powered instrument are at ease at the field or in the lab.

Line Testing Equipment: Featuring Live Alert safety voltage detectors to warn personnel of unexpected live voltages by an alarm, these can be clipped to a belt or carried by the user on the field. Also available are voltage detectors and phasing sticks for use upto 36.5 KV, these provide visual or audible indication of grounded or ungrounded ac systems. Cable Phasing meters for measuring voltage, phase rotation and phase out cables when connected to capacitive test points. Also available are ultrasonic leak and corona detectors for preventive maintenance in plants and utilities to locate arcing connections, faulty insulators etc.


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