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Gems Sensors, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of liquid level sensors, flow sensors and pressure sensors for use in a broad range of fluids across industry. Gems products feature an ever-expanding selection of sensing technologies including: Electro-Optic, Ultrasonic, Float Type, CVD, Thin Film, Capacitance, Hall Effect, Conductance, Micropower Impulse Radar and Remote Monitoring products and services. 

Gems offers single-point sensors, multi-point sensors, and continuous level sensors. Flow sensor configurations are available for use in liquids or gases with flow rates from 50cc/min to 100 GPM. Pressure Transducers and Transmitters are offered in three proven technologies - sputtered thin film, chemical vapor deposition and capacitance. Pressure Switches are available in compact OEM models or larger rugged units for process applications. Popular Warrick brand Conductivity level controls are also available.

Products on Display

Liquid Level and Flow Sensors : Solid-state, electro-optic and conductivity sensors to magnetically actuated reed switches and from chemical vapour deposition ( CVD) strain gauges to hall-effect sensors.

Pressure Sensors : Pressure Transducers including Submersible types, Setra Pressure Transducers of Aerospace quality and economical OEM Pressure Switches for most applications.

Pressure Switches

Wide ranges of pressure switches are offered by Gems such as ultra life long OEM pressure switches, elastomer diaphragm OEM subminiature pressure switches and rugged cylindrical pressure switches etc.

Liquid Level Sensors Fluid Flow Switches and Sensors
Ultrasonic, Electro-Optic, Conductance Paddle Wheel and Turbine Sensors
Float Type Level Switches Flow Switches
Warrick Conductivity Control Systems
Continuous Level Indicators Pressure Switches and Transducers
Continuous Level Transmitters Pressure Transducers
Radar Continuous Level Sensors Pressure Switches
Solid-State Relays and Zener Barriers Temperature Switch
Intrinsically Safe Relays
Zener Barriers
Non-Intrinsically Safe Relays

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