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Dubai, February 2007

Products on Display

MEGGER DCM300E Earth leakage clamp

MEGGER DET3TC earth tester

MEGGER MIT230 Insulation Tester

AVO310 Digital Multimeter

AVO320 Digital Multimeter

MEGGER DET20C Digital Earth Test Clamp

MEGGER ICLAMP Current Clamp (Earth tester)

MEGGER MIT300 1 kV Digital Insulation & Continuity Tester

MEGGER BMM503 NEW 1 kV Digital Insulation & Continuity Tester

MEGGER MJ-15 Analog 5 kV Insulation Tester

MEGGER MIT500 Analogue/Digital 5 kV Insulation tester

MEGGER S1-5010 Diagnostic Insulation Tester

MEGGER LT300 Digital Loop Tester

MEGGER DCM204R 2000A True-rms Digital ClampMeter

MEGGER DET5/4R Rechargeable Digital Earth Tester

MEGGER OTS100AF/2 100kV Automatic Oil Test Set

MEGGER DLRO10X Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

MEGGER TDR2000 General Purpose Time Domain Reflectometer

MEGGER BTDR1500 Combined Automatic Resistance Bridge&TDR Fault Locator

BIDDLE DELTA-2000 10kV Automatic Insulation Power Factor Test Set

FOSTER SCITS100 Secondary Current Injection Test Set

MULTI-AMP PMM-1 Power MultiMeter (Multi-function measuring instrument)

PA-9 Power Analyser

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