NetworkAn offshoot of the Instrumentation Division, Haris Al Afaq represents world leaders in a range of Network Testing products and services that are focused on assisting a Network Engineer in installing, maintaining and securing a Computer Network.

Additionally Haris Al Afaq have developed their own web based Network Tools to assist in this job.

Unfortunately, networking is still an art rather than an engineering science and the Network Engineer spends much of his time scratching his head!

  • Is it a bug?
  • Is it a cabling problem?
  • Is it a transient fault?
  • Is there electrical Noise on the LAN?
  • Where are the errors coming from?
  • How much bandwidth is being consumed? Who are the top senders and receivers?
  • Is it a Hacker? How can I stop him? Am I safe?

These problems, that are faced by every Network Engineer and Administrator, range from the physical (faulty connectors, NICs, cabling problems), to protocols and errors on the wire, all the way to the abstract vulnerabilities in Operating Systems and Services offered by a Server - in other words problems may exist in any of the 7 layers of the standard OSI model.

Today's ever expanding neworks are now critical to the survival of any business. Connectivity to the Internet is only making things worse when you add malicious hackers to the mix.....if you think you are safe on a dial-up line we have some interesting firewall logs to show you!..... if you think you are safe because you never connect to the Internet, think about the fact that >80% of security related problems come from INSIDE!....Interested in that new high speed DSL line?.... think about the fact that your static IP makes you a stationary target!...

Our objective is to provide tools and services to make this difficult job easier. Please feel free to contact us at any time, or to stop by and see how you can improve your Network Quality and Control so as to provide a quality service to your end-users.

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